Online simulation home loan insurance with the broker

Simulation of insurance for housing loan, forecasting of property insurance rates, calculation and housing credit guide for a principal residence.

Housing loan insurance

Housing loan

In order to obtain the agreement for a housing loan, the lending bank must ensure that the borrower has sufficient means to repay the housing loan. A borrower may be confronted in case of accident to a payment problem. To avoid any problem, the lending institution will compulsorily ask to take out insurance on mortgage loan.

What guarantee for a home mortgage loan?

The repayment of the credit is thus guaranteed to the lending bank, a home loan insurance provides the borrower with a guarantee in case of an accident of life. Depending on the situation, the home loan insurance will reimburse the borrower for the monthly installments or, in the event of death, the remaining capital in order to avoid any problems for the heirs of the borrower.

Housing loan insurance delegation

Housing loan

Since September 2010 and the implementation of the Lagarde law allows borrowers to choose to compare and choose an external borrower insurance to its own bank. To subscribe with an independent broker, a home loan insurance will necessarily be cheaper, but it will still have to respect certain conditions like the equivalence of the guarantees.

A real economy on the total cost of mortgage


An insurance credit housing deserves special attention to benefit from the best rate. The best rate between two insurance borrowers can save thousands of euros. Comparing and selecting your home loan insurance is very important. Carry out a credit insurance simulation and access the cheap loan insurance contracts calculated according to the profile of each borrower.