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The consolidation figures

In the previous sections, Mr. Bankerse explained to you the concept of Reversing the Trend and in particular the figures double maximum and double minimum and the figure head and shoulders. Mr Bank now wants to complete our journey in the first part of the Technical Analysis with the last piece: the consolidation figures !

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Loans for aviation students

Being a commercial pilot in Spain is a very envied profession, however there are few scholarships available so aviation students, future commercial pilots, have to end up financing their studies by their own means. The fact that studying aviation is not done through universities means that financial aids are not available to aviation students. The

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Sound financial debt Vs. Bad Debt

Many people within the quest for an affluent lifestyle have lost direction and wound up miserable. Everyone desires to reside in the biggest of mansions plus drive posh cars using their children going to high price schools. It is however vital that you evaluate yourself and understand whether you fall in this particular class. Otherwise,

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